Bulk Deals

We offer a discounted price on many our products when buying in bulk.

View the Pack Deals below and once your total quantity ordered within that pack meets the set amount, you will receive those items at the discounted rate.

Your discounted price will automatically be applied to your shopping cart once you met the set quantities for that pack. The original price will be displayed in the shopping cart whilst the discount will be applied at the bottom of the order.

Click on a pack below to see what items are available within that pack.

Small Carousels & Waterballs

24 or more Small Carousels & Waterballs
@ $17.50ea

Small Round Aquariums

12 or More Small Round Aquariums
@ $14.50ea

Fancy Pal Bags

24 or More Fancy Pal Bags
@ $9.95ea


24 or more Monkeys
@ $9.00ea

45cm Mermaids

24 or More 45cm Mermaids (plain)
@ $9.00ea

70cm Mermaids (Plain)

12 or More 70cm Mermaids (Plain)
@ $15.00ea

45cm Mermaids (Sequined)

24 or More 45cm Mermaids (Sequined)
@ $9.75ea

Mermaids (Sequined)

12 or More Mermaids (Sequined)
@ $16.50ea

Pet Walkers

24 or More Pet Walkers
@ $6.85ea

Fur Babies

24 or More Fur Babies
@ $9.00ea


24 or More Sloths
@ $10.00ea

Designer Plush

24 or More Designer Plush
@ $9.00ea

Sitting Baby Plush

24 or More Sitting Baby Plush
@ $10.00ea

Magical Lanterns

12 or More Magical Lanterns
@ $27.50ea

Christmas Magical Lanterns

12 or More Christmas Magical Lanterns
@ $27.50ea

Christmas Magical Large Lanterns

12 or More Christmas Magical Large Lanterns

Poseable Elves

12 or More Poseable Elves
@ $18.00ea